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Fucking Politics

January 30, 2003 - 9:15 a.m.

Fuel cell technology has been in development for at least two years that I know of. But now, since W mentions it in his State of the Union, it's suddenly his frigging vision to ween us off our dependancy on foreign oil. I believe that about as much as I believe Charles Nelson Riley will win an Oscar some day.

Also, Donnie Darko was on one of the 8 HBO channels I have with my new cable hookup promotion. Okay if you've only seen that movie once like a year ago, and you happen to catch the middle of it on TV later, do yourself a favor and don't watch it, because you won't have any idea what the hell is going on, and you can't rewind it to the beginning to figure it out. Frigging time travel theories. They twist my brain so much!

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